All our business and legal statements are made solely on the basis of the following terms and conditions. General terms and conditions of business of our customers are not contractual. Deviating parts of the agreement shall only apply to the extent that they are acknowledged by us in writing.   Our offers are always subject to change, technical modifications are reserved. Acceptance of customer orders is done either by order confirmation or by delivery. The content of our order confirmation is decisive for the contractual scope of delivery and services. In the absence of an order confirmation, delivery notes and invoices apply.   Information on delivery dates and delivery times are always non-binding. We reserve the right to suspend the delivery obligation, should the customer be in default with a due payment or any other obligation. A delay in delivery shall only be deemed to exist if we are unable to meet a reasonable deadline for the delivery of our goods, and only then can the customer withdraw from the contract. The reasonable grace period is at least 6 weeks. Any partial deliveries which have already been completed shall in no case be affected by the rescission.   The dispatch of our goods is at the cost and risk of the recipient. In some cases, other delivery terms based on Incoterms 2010 may be agreed in writing and signed by both contracting parties.   We only make sure that the goods have a quality or service that is common with goods of the same type and which can reasonably be expected from the customer. In general, we are only liable for such defects, which were already present when the goods were handed over to the customer and whose presence at the time of delivery has been also proved by the customer. Complaints are only permitted within 8 days from receipt of the goods and require the written form. In the case of proven deficiency or incorrect quantities, the customer is entitled to free replacement delivery within a reasonable period. A right to a payment reduction is expressly excluded. A compensation of possible defect consequences is limited to immediate damage. Such compensation shall be available to the customer only in the case of proven gross negligence or intent on our part. The burden of proof lies with the customer.  
General terms and conditions
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Returns are only permitted with our consent and have to be shipped "free delivered" and without cash on delivery, at the risk and expense of the customer. Custom-made products and separately cut-to-size products can not be returned in any case.   Our invoices are payable within 8 days from date of invoice with 2% discount or after 30 days net. Checks and bills of exchange are not accepted. If the agreed time for payment is exceeded, we shall be entitled to charge the customary interest and costs for the period from the due date to the payment receipt. The due date of payment must never be postponed due to alleged warranty claims, claims for damages, product liability claims.or any other claims. The customer shall never have the right to withhold payment or to mutual set-off due to any such claims.   Short payments are, in principle, only permissible with the use of a credit note issued by us.   The creditworthiness of the customer is in any case a necessary prerequisite for every delivery on our part. Information about their lack entitles us to demand advance payment or to withdraw from the contract. Initial deliveries to new customers are only made against prepayment.   All goods delivered by us remain our property until full settlement of all liabilities of the customer against us, no matter why they were created. In order to safeguard this retention of title, the customer is obligated to insure the goods delivered against fire, water damage and theft. Goods which have not been paid in full may neither be resold nor pledged or used as collateral. In the event of any seizure, we must be informed immediately. If, contrary to our prohibition, the customer sells our unpaid goods, our retention of title also extends to the customer's claims resulting from this sale. The customer 's claims against the third party shall be deemed to have been - immediately after their formation - irrevocably ceded to us, and the customer is obliged to hand us over all data about his customers if requested to do so by a prolonged retention of title.   Court of jurisdiction is Salzburg, Austrian law applies. International Sales Conventions do not apply. The official contract language is the german language. If any of the foregoing conditions are invalid for any reason, all other provisions remain unaffected.
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